What to Wear with Purple Dresses

Posted on October 25, 2016 By

What to wear with your purple dress? Many ladies choose purple prom dresses because they love the power that the color brings their way. It is a flattering color that brings plenty of life to the party. But now that you’ve found the perfect purple dress, what kind of accessories should you pair with it?

Purple prom dresses are oftentimes accompanied by shoes of the same color. Dying the fabric is an easy to way to get an exact color match. Wearing the same shade of shoes isn’t always necessary, however. Purple is easily enhanced with a gorgeous pair of sparkly silver shoes as well.

Accessories such as bracelets, necklaces and earning’s should be kept minimal, with only one large, flashy item to draw attention to the eye. Gold jewelry is suitable to wear with any color, including purple, but if you don’t want to wear gold, silver works wonderfully as well.

Color wheels are available online and with many fashion designers. Using a wheel helps you match colors perfectly and learn exactly what to wear with your prom dress. You can access one of these color wheels at no cost and should take advantage of the information and help that it provides.

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